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Assense by Actiview brings game-changing news to HR managers. Our novel assessment platform enables to gauge the behavioral & cognitive profile of your talent in real-life simulations and predict his fit. Built on spatial data structures and the latest academic research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and machine learning, Assense helps to identify, hire and retain the most suitable talent.

How Does it Work

Why Assense?

Assense makes simple sense.
It’s the ultimate decision-making platform for candidate assessment across the board, with minimal effort and unmatched level of certainty.


Unlock new layers of crucial information about your candidate’s competencies.


Make bias-free, evidence-based, data-driven recruiting decisions for a better candidate fit

Decision Support

Adaptive tool for making optimal recruiting decisions that maximize your ROI


Bespoke algorithms match talent with your corporate culture and job specifications

Our Team

Actiview employs an elite team of over 40 scientists and experts in the fields of neuroscience, data science, psychology, mixed reality and software engineering, who work in cooperation with leading academic institutions.

The Science

Academic Partnerships
Academic Partnerships
Assense merges forefront technologies with science, in close cooperation with prominent research institutes, laboratories and notable professors in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and data science.
Innovative Research Team
Innovative Research Team
Focused on intensive R&D, our knowledge base platform is continuously updated for the perfect candidate match. The assessment results are based on findings led by our multidisciplinary research team, as well as designated studies conducted with our academic partners.
Scientific Validation
Scientific Validation
All our tools and evidence-based models undergo a rigorous validation process in order to deliver consistent, precise and reliable results in accordance with our client specifications.

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