About Actiview

We aim for a perfect recruitment experience for both organizations 
and candidates by offering an optimized HR solution for all.

Our Vision

Here at Actiview, our vision is simple:

We want employees to be happier at their jobs, and for organizations to love their employees. To do this, we strive to match job seekers to their ideal job position and connect companies to their ideal employees.

Our technology integrates the worlds of Neuroscience, Data Science and Behavioral Sciences. Thanks to our in-depth research and development, we are able to transform the end-to-end assessment process and turn conceptual information into purely behavioral analysis. Our technology provides accurate, comprehensive insights into work-related success traits that drive more informed decision making throughout the hiring process. 

Our Team

Actiview was founded by a team of four ex-military personnel from Israel’s elite intelligence units.

With extensive backgrounds in unique positions and having gained vast experience in the virtual reality world, the team soon realized that VR has the potential to go far beyond gaming, and with the right technology can, in fact, revolutionize the world.

Today, Actiview employs an elite team of more than 50 scientists and experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Data Science, Psychology, Mixed Reality, and Software Engineering, in addition to a qualified support team all dedicated to one mission: perfect recruitment for all.

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