Our Team

Actiview employs an elite team of over 50 scientists and experts in the fields of neuroscience, data science, psychology, mixed reality and software engineering, who work in cooperation with leading academic institutions.


  • Matanel Libi
    Matanel Libi CEO
  • Gil Asher
    Gil Asher CTO
  • Roy Elishkov
    Roy Elishkov VP Strategy & Business Development
  • Rotem Nutkevitch Jacob
    Rotem Nutkevitch Jacob Legal Counsel and Head of UK
  • Tal Koelewyn
    Tal Koelewyn COO
  • Dr. Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv
    Dr. Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv Head of Neuroscience
  • Daniel Landau
    Daniel Landau Head of Content
  • Yam Kushinsky
    Yam Kushinsky Data science lead
  • Etan Hayik
    Etan Hayik Engineering Lead
  • Yoni Shayevitz
    Yoni Shayevitz Product Lead
  • Tom Gada
    Tom Gada Art Director
  • Lanir Ben Shoshan
    Lanir Ben Shoshan Real Time Development Lead
  • Dr. Shani Libi
    Dr. Shani Libi Visual Research
  • Ayelet Artzi
    Ayelet Artzi HR manager & Customer success
  • Roi Ravitz
    Roi Ravitz Global Marketing
  • Orit Kantorovich
    Orit Kantorovich VP Sales
  • Shlomo Yona
    Shlomo Yona Algorithmic Research
  • Udi Nahum
    Udi Nahum UX/UI

Scientific Advisors

  • Prof. Talma Hendler
    Prof. Talma Hendler Neuroscience Advisor
  • Prof. Meni Koslowski
    Prof. Meni Koslowski Assessment Advisor
  • Dr Gal Raz
    Dr Gal Raz Neuroscience Advisor
  • Dr. Tom Schonberg
    Dr. Tom Schonberg
  • Prof. Doron Friedman
    Prof. Doron Friedman