Customized Professional Recruitment


Cut external assessment costs


Sved time spent per candidate


Reduced turnover rate


  • Increase recruiting ROI
  • Raise retention rate of position
  • Streamline inefficient steps in process


A customer faced a challenge in retention of professionals employed in a dual-position. Expensive resources were spent on recruiting for the dual-position with a quick 6-month turnover, as well as major onboarding and training expenses. With a shortage of tools to enable the understanding of the required skill set needed for success, our customers looked to us for reskilling existing employees.


To successfully bridge the gap between skills required for success, and understanding the requirements of the role, Actiview customized a simulation to reflect the job duties and practices of the position. By doing so, would set an expectation for candidates, while also identifying the traits necessary for success in the specific environment.

To enhance both process efficiency and candidate experience in the process, Actiview restructured the recruiting process by replacing any excessive component with Assense.


Simulating the assessment environment to reflect the required tasks resulted in self-elimination of the least qualified candidates, saving any resources and effort spent on more suitable candidates. By implementing Assense’s advanced assessment and cloud system cut external assessment costs by more than 70%. Setting a greater understanding of the expectations of the role also allowed HR to focus on the candidates most fitting and resilient for the position, which saved HR around 50% of the time that would have initially been spent per candidate. 

Ultimately, the reduction in turnover rate resulted in more productive work, larger management satisfaction, as well as reduced spending on training and on-boarding.

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