Entry Level Professionals

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Assessed more candidates per day


Assessed more candidates per day

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Increased applications


Increased applications

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Rated the process the ultimate assessment


Rated the process the ultimate assessment


  •  Simplify, automate, and innovate recruitment process
  • Increase quantity and quality of candidates
  • Strengthen company brand


Thousands of recent graduates are recruited annually for entry level positions. Both these candidates and future employers face the challenge of tough competition in the hiring process. Actiview was tasked with the challenge of identifying future successful employees in a more streamlined and enjoyable process, while providing rich insights to aid in quick decision making and prevent candidates from walking away with a competitor.


Actiview mapped a new recruiting process to eliminate excessive areas that could be replaced with Assense, such as long exams and group dynamic interviews. Incorporating Actiview’s VR assessments into the recruiting process, innovated the entire candidate experience by providing real objective data on the candidate in a quick and engaging way.

The cloud-based Assense GO platform was also uniquely tailored to automate manual processes (i.e. scheduling and follow-ups), while connecting all data channels for optimal-decision making in one set place.


Replacing excessive steps with the Assense methodology, significantly improved the recruiting process, making it more enjoyable for both candidates and the in-house recruitment team. To illustrate, applying Assense trimmed the company’s long 8-hour assessment day to 3 short, enjoyable, and effective hours.  By adding VR simulations, 5x more candidates were assessed per day with time to hire reduced from 20 days to two days.

On the back-end, collecting behavioral data allowed for more informed decisions to be made. Candidates enjoyed the recruiting experience at a staggering 95% satisfaction rate, quickly increasing applications among peers by more than 20%.

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A long recruiting process led a high number of candidates to shy away from several rounds of interviews.


Increased acceptance rate

Higher accuracy rate

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Identifying future successful employees in a more streamlined and enjoyable process.


Cut external assessment costs

Saved time spent per candidate

People Analytics

Locate the predictive criteria of the current population through Assense, all while delivering top user experience.


New significant measurements identified

Of company’s scales successfully predicted

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Find predictive criteria and dozens of fit-to-position algorithms to assist in decision making process with an innovative and engaging admission process.


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