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Decrease in Assessment Costs


Decrease in Assessment Costs

2 D/3D
Combined approach for greater accuracy in decision making


  • Provide an innovative point of difference in a crowded marketplace.
  • Optimise efficiencies and improve the candidate experience.
  • Provide better qualified candidates to recruiting end-clients.


  • 30% decrease in assessment costs
  • Faster, more accurate candidate assessments
  • Improved candidate insights
  • Data-driven process improvements


Differentiation is a key challenge in the highly competitive executive search sector. Companies often go head-to-head for the same clients and are forced to tap into the same talent pool. So when a new client approached Actiview with a need to both stand out in this crowded marketplace, raise its innovation game, and make the candidate experience more efficient and less time-consuming; it was clear a new approach was needed to help maintain a competitive edge.


Given the requirements expressed, integrating Actiview’s Assense technology into the customer’s recruitment funnel was a no-brainer. However, given the nature of the challenge, Actiview opted for a two-pronged approach – a hybrid model comprising 2D online and remote assessments alongside immersive Virtual Reality (VR)-based assessments.

This methodology would allow the client to issue a first batch of assessment remotely to candidates after an initial round of vetting CVs, and secondly – post phone screening and prior to the in-person interview – would enable them to create dedicated VR assessments that were closely aligned with each candidate profile.


There were a number of positive outcomes from deploying the 2D and VR hybrid assessment model. Firstly, the VR component proved to be a huge point of differentiation and innovation for the firm – one that boosted their market share and delivered results from the outset. 

Secondly, the ability to offer the talent pool online assessment module resulted in application withdrawals from less serious candidates – meaning fewer phone interviews. This also meant that the client could provide better screening and only follow up with the most qualified and serious candidates.

The hybrid method also provided the client with a range of valuable candidate insights – in-depth and comprehensive reports on executives – giving the team more confidence in their decision making, and enabling them to deliver more quality candidates to the end-client, in a faster time frame.

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