People Analytics


New significant measurements identified


Successfully predicted significant scales


  • Find predictive criteria to assist in decision making process
  • Innovative engaging admission process


Finding the right candidate among thousands of applicants could be challenging. However, understanding people analytics and the necessary traits for the position, doesn’t have to be. Finding key traits and behavioral characteristics within an existing population provides rich insights for more informed decision making. The challenge was to locate the predictive criteria of the current population through Assense, all while delivering top user experience, for more effective future candidate selection.


Actiview worked closely with the existing population to locate true success criteria. The first phase was to understand the organizational behavior by finding predictive criteria among the existing body. Actual success records (grades, reviews, and other performance indicators) are collected in parallel to Assense’s behavioral VR data, followed by analysis and discovery of significant correlations. These correlations of top performers will enable the acceptance of the best suited candidates.


In phase one, Actiview’s innovative approach increased the predictive value by factoring in the customer’s success metrics into the assessment process. By assessing a first batch of participants, Assense successfully predicted 6 of the client’s significant scales, and were able to showcase 16 previously unmeasured objective behavioral traits within the existing population. Identifying new behavioral measurements and access to people analytics allows for better, objective and more informed decision making.

More Case Studies

Entry Level Professionals

Thousands of recent graduates are recruited annually for entry level positions.


Assessed more candidates per day

Rate the process the ultimate assessment

Sales and Service

A long recruiting process led a high number of candidates to shy away from several rounds of interviews.


Increased acceptance rate

Higher accuracy rate

Customized Professional Recruitment

Identifying future successful employees in a more streamlined and enjoyable process.


Cut external assessment costs

Saved time spent per candidate

Mass Recruitment

Find predictive criteria and dozens of fit-to-position algorithms to assist in decision making process with an innovative and engaging admission process.


Qualified recruits allocated per month

Positions filled per year