Sales and Service


Increased acceptance rate 


Higher accuracy rate


Saved time per hire


  •  Improve quantity of qualified candidates
  • Simplify the lengthy recruitment process
  • Identify and apply success criteria of top employees


A long recruiting process led a high number of candidates to shy away from several rounds of interviews. As a result, a high candidate drop-off rate resulted in a limited talent pool. A limited pool of applicants, and even more limited reliable metrics, made it tough for the in-house recruitment team to consecutively make the right decisions.


By using our evaluation methodology, Assense evaluated more than 100 existing employees and identified the most relevant characteristics to build a predictive model necessary in locating top performers. The model was built upon Assense’s unique behavioral data, as well as additional organizational data streams, to ultimately transform the decision-making process into a data-driven approach. Actiview tested this model’s accuracy on another sample population within the company. By understanding the findings of a top-performer, decision makers could choose wisely within a limited pool. Implementing Assense for a more efficient recruiting process would provide a more engaging candidate experience that would encourage candidates to remain throughout the entire process.


Assense identified the success criteria necessary for the role that increased acceptance rate of quality hires by more than 30%. Upon reviewing results, managers confidently eliminated more than half of their managerial interviews from the recruiting process and replaced them with Assense, for a quicker and more effective recruiting process.

Applying the Assense model to the recruitment process continuously evolves the database, which in turn, issues the best placement of employees and critical predictors for superior job placement.

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