Immersive Remote Learning –  Reshaping Executive Education

Tailored VR experiences boosting engagement in remote Executive Development programs

How to Make Online Learning Work

On-Campus Executive Education has become an imposing challenge, and most programs are transitioning to various remote streaming platforms. While participants and partner organizations still expect a premium experience, current online solutions fail to fulfill these expectations.

Executive development programs and academic institutions need to transform their entire class-based modules to remote online learning. Besides the challenges to redesign your case studies, interactive exercises, and simulations to standard online learning solutions are not enough to create a premium remote learning experience. 

Create an Impact in Remote Learning

Complementing your existing teaching methodologies, we quickly redesign your classroom-based engagement tools into unique immersive remote learning experiences, enriching and increasing the impact of learning regardless of the physical location of your participants. 

Actiview’s immersive VR technology enables participants to experience and apply complex concepts in a whole new way while creating a personalized learning journey.

Virtual Reality is the ultimate behavioural lab, making it a groundbreaking learning tool.


Engaging and Experiential high impact learning

Undivided attention - total immersion

Data-analytics driving meaningful insights and discussions

Tracking Behavioral measures and decision making

Simulates complex social interactions

How it Works

Our team of experts will quickly redesign existing and new case studies, exercises and simulations into Immersive VR experiences, integrated into live facilitated sessions or remote stand-alone units. Actiview will provide VR headsets to all enrolled participants, straight to their doorsteps.

An easy-to-use dashboard enables facilitators full control of the session’s flow – transition with ease between theory, immersive content, and class discussions. Facilitator receives real-time data reflecting individual choices, enabling discussion based on class variance.

End-to-End Support

Actiview’s professional support system will enable seamless transition into Immersive Remote Learning. Our support staff will ensure the faculty/facilitators and participants alike enjoy a premium experience both in virtual reality as well as in real life. Our services include the following:

Immersive content design – full partnership in designing your Immersive Learning experiences, backed by learning professionals, creative and studio artists, and data scientist.

Logistic turn-key solution – both faculty and participants will receive brand new VR headsets to their doorsteps. Headset kits will include all equipment and tutorials needed for Immersive Learning purposes – plug and play.

Real-time Support – our support team will be logged in together with you and participants during the live session, and solve any technical issues that might arise, troubleshoot problems, and deal with individual glitches. 

Technical Support – as an integral part of our services, upon registration of the VR headsets, each user will receive a support session (not mandatory). Providing premium service and premium experience is our ultimate goal.

INSEAD Partnership

In December 2019, Actiview officially partnered with INSEAD to realize immersive learning for both its on-campus and online offerings.

“This is really one of the 10% of value-creating technologies that can help us improve the teaching of cases and create a very different learning experience. From a research point of view, technology will help us understand how people react in a way that we could not have done before.”

INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov

Actiview – Powering Immersive Remote Learning

Actiview is a technology company with extensive experience in people development and behavioural analytics through immersive Virtual Reality Technology.

Our in-house experts – academic pedagogy experts, content experts, instructional designers, comprehensive production studio, data analysts, tech support staff – have extensive expertise in creating top shelf remote learning experiences with top global academic institutes.

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