Your Next-Generation Decision Making Platform


Your Next-Generation
Decision Making Platform

Assense is a first of its kind platform to provide companies with a 360-degree view of a candidate’s abilities and potential compatibility with specific job positions within the organization.

Turnover by 25%

Reduce Turnover by 25%

Improved predictive value means reduced turnover and more accurate candidate fit

Save 40%
in HR resources

Save 40% in HR resources

More concise & streamlined recruitment process saves HR time, costs and response rate

Improve Candidate

Improve Candidate Experience

Over 90% of candidates rated their Assense experience as innovative, fun and their preferred recruitment process

Finding the optimal match to your company’s true needs

By using virtual reality, proprietary technologies, neuroscience and assessment data, Assense analyzes the holistic profile of the candidates and provides HR with unique insights for recruiting decisions. Instead of only looking at the candidate’s answers, Assense carefully examines the way the candidate gets to the answers and combines these findings with professional tests, structured interviews, candidate questionnaires or any other information gathered by HR. The information is compiled into a simple cloud platform to ultimately provide complete predictive and bias-free recruiting outcomes.

What we assess:

Assense factors in and analyzes a wide range of variables to deliver a full picture of your candidate:


Essential personality traits such as risk taking and agreeableness.

Work Methodologies

Approach to crucial work-related situations, such as ability to cope with change, decisiveness and goal-orientation.


Factors which motivate the candidate to perform job duties.


Measures credibility, loyalty, level of moral development, and integrity.

Cognitive Skills

Numerical and formal cognitive tests, such as problem solving and memory.

Unforgettable Candidate Experience

Assense gives companies the opportunity to attract top talent by taking candidates on an immersive journey unlike any other. Instead of outdated and tedious interviews, Assense’s VR session takes candidates on a life-like virtual tour and engages them in the many aspects of the company’s brand identity, products, events, and accomplishments. Candidates will meet selected employees, explore global offices and experience the corporate culture first hand, all while partaking in an innovative recruiting process guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

How Assense improves the decision-making process:


The scientific-based VR process unlocks new layers of crucial information about candidates and their competencies.


In-depth behavioral and performance data allows HR to make evidence-based, unbiased recruiting decisions, rather than decisions based on “gut feelings.”

Perfect Match

Create a data-driven profile of the ideal employee to help match talent with the most relevant position and team.

Take Your Recruitment Process to the Next Level