Assense For Talent Development

Transform how employees train, learn and develop in the organisation.

Assense VR employee development delivers an impactful tailor-made training platform for both employees and companies.

Each VR training session is dynamic as employees experience real-life work-related scenarios,
 allowing companies to improve overall performance in many fields such as:
Leadership Development, Ethics & Compliance, Sales & Negotiations and Management Skills

Deeper Engagement, Effective Training

Built on spatial data structures and the latest academic research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and machine learning, Assense VR experience guides employees through interactive work-related simulations in a controlled and engaging environment. 

Each simulation is tailored to employee skill-sets and changes in real-time according to answers, reactions, and how specific tasks are performed. The results allow for opportunities to learn new skills faster and more effectively.


Immersive Simulation

Personalised Feedback

Compare & Improve

Revolutionising Employee Training

Actiview’s professional support system will enable seamless transition into Immersive Remote Learning. Our support staff will ensure the faculty/facilitators and participants alike enjoy a premium experience both in virtual reality as well as in real life. Our services include the following:


An innovative, deeply engaging training experience that teaches new skills faster and more effectively using real-time scenarios.


Each VR training session is adapted to the employees, their abilities and performance, and tailored to each company’s needs.


ABehavioral and performance data is collected at the micro and macro level, helping companies further improve their employees performance

Take Internal Training to the Next Level

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