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Terms & Conditions For Candidates and Employees

Who We Are and What We Do:

We are Actiview, and we have developed Assense. Assense is a scientific assessment platform, based on artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to assist employers in recruiting talent that best match the employer’s needs. Assense is comprised of software that provides data-driven insights about candidates or employees through the use of either a virtual reality headset and remote control (the VR Device) or a tablet device (the Tablet) selected by you (the VR Device and/or the Tablet are also referred to as the Equipment). The Assense product collects and analyzes certain data through sensors during virtual reality tests performed by you such as the location and angle of your head and angle of view, your use of the remote control or of the cursor or touch selections (the Information). Assense examines both the answers and the Information. The assessments are selected by the employer inviting you to undertake the assessments. Assense uses the Information to generate a report about you (the Report). The Report will give the employer that invited you to undertake the assessments insights and analyses about your traits and skills that the employer has deemed relevant for the position.

What is This Document?

This is a legal document that describes the terms of your use of the Assense system. By using Assense you agree to be bound by these terms, so you should read them carefully.

If you do not consent to any of these Assense terms, you should not click agree and should not proceed with the Assense assessments. Please notify the employer and inquire about an alternative hiring process.

Our technology, data and methodology are designed and developed by a team of multidisciplinary experts in the fields of neuroscience, occupational psychology, machine learning and data science and has been verified by independent expert testing.

Who Should Not Use Assense?

Please review the health and safety warning for the VR Set which can be found here: also encourage you to read the Oculus terms of use which appear here and which govern your use of the VR Device, which appear in the link: . If the VR Device is not recommended for your use as described in those warnings, due to health reasons or you are otherwise unable to use it, do not undertake the tests with the VR Device and notify the employer that you will not be using the VR Device. You may be able to use the Tablet to perform the Assense assessments instead. You may also inquire with the employer about an alternative hiring process. By selecting agree you confirm that there is no medical reason why you should not use the Assense software either with the VR Device or the Tablet.

How Does Actiview Handle My Personal Information?
Actiview’s Privacy Notice explains how Actiview collects, stores, accesses, transfers, analyzes, uses or otherwise processes Personal Information obtained in connection with your use of the Assense product. Our Privacy Policy can be found here: Please read the Privacy Notice carefully.

By clicking “I agree” you will confirm that you have read Actiview’s Privacy Notice and that you consent to the collection and processing of your Personal Information by Actiview as described in this document and in accordance with the Privacy Notice.

If you do not agree to the collection and processing of your Personal Information as described in our Privacy Notice, then you should not use the Assense product.

For information on how your employer will process Personal Information that was gained from your use of the Assense product, please contact your employer.

Am I Entitled to Review the Information?
In certain jurisdictions, you may be entitled to receive a copy of the report generated by Assense. If you would like to receive the report, please inquire with the employer.

What are the Rules of Conduct in the Use of the Assense Product?

Your use of Assense must not be defamatory, libellous, abusive, obscene or otherwise illegal. In using the Assense product you should not infringe on the copyright or any other proprietary right of any third-party, and you should only make use of information you own or have a right to use.

Copyright © 2020, Active-You Threed Ltd. (Actiview). All rights reserved.

Last Updated: October 29, 2020

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